Project information

Project title: EPIPICTO
Project number: 2017-1-MT01-KA204-026946
Budget: € 60.000
Duration: 2 years (November 2017-November 2019)

The EU literacy report (2012) showed that up to 20% of European adults have poor literacy skills, and from experience many people living in rural areas have little or no access to education. In view of the recent influx of migrants into Europe, who might not speak the language of the country in which they settle, it is estimated that this percentage may be higher and can have a significant impact on people’s quality of care, and quality of life. Poor literacy skills lead to poor health-seeking behaviour and contributes to the enduring stigma of epilepsy. This project aims to meet this unmet need.

The initial aim of the pictorial guide is to ensure that adults with epilepsy living in Europe who have a poor literacy standard, or those immigrants who find the foreign language barrier an issue in learning about epilepsy or helping others to understand the disease, will have access to tailored information. The format of the guide will be readily adaptable to be rolled out in other regions of the world, where illiteracy rates are considerably higher than in Europe.

The two-year project will end in November 2019. The final 6-page (estimated) illustrated folder will then be freely available to download on this EPIPICTO website. A limited number of hardcopies will also be available.