Pictorial Guide is nearing completion

We are delighted to present some images from the Guide. these have been released in celebration of International Epilepsy Day on 14 February.

Intensive process

The process to select the images has been fun but intensive. The project management group and the graphic artist have been in close contact and we are pleased with the results. We have also incorporated feedback from the epilepsy congress in Vienna last year and from our own organisations. Many useful comments were given, which made us look at the images from the perspective of the user.  We want to thank everyone who has helped us to develop the images.

Nearly there!

We have now reached an exciting milestone! The Pictorial Guide to Epilepsy is nearly ready.  We will validate the draft Guide during a meeting with stakeholders in Cologne in March and the final adjustments will be made after this meeting. You will be able to download the completed Guide from this website from September 2019. Stay tuned!


Initial images released
Pictorial Guide to Epilepsy images


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